10 Regrets in 2250 Days of Parenting 

We can’t ever know how things will turn out or what, in other words, will be the result of our actions. I used the word “regret” in the title, but it isn’t accurate because when we take action based on our heart’s calling, regret is not the right feeling, even if it didn’t turn out […]

The Damages of Redirecting Children’s Behavior 

The subject of redirecting children’s behavior often comes up, and more often than not, it has to do with this strategy not working. Many parents ask me, “Why can’t I seem to redirect my child’s tantrums”? “Why can’t I redirect my child’s negative behavior”?  Let’s deconstruct what “behavior” and “redirecting” mean here…  The Truth Behind […]

War and Parenting: 10 Methods to Emotional Healing

Read in Russian                            Read in Ukrainian It’s been many weeks since the war between Russia and Ukraine began. While this war is “official,” many Ukrainians in strategically important cities have been living a war for eight years now.  I was born in […]

Natural VS Logical Consequences and How to Use them Effectively  

The discussion about natural vs. logical consequences is broad and standard, yet many aspects of it are often overlooked. In the following article, I will take you step by step through the challenges posed by logical consequences and how to use natural consequences effectively.  The Misconception of Logical Consequences  When I googled natural vs. logical […]

10 Affirmations for the Always Positive Parent 

When COVID just hit our lives, I wasn’t prepared. No one was. When we don’t (or can’t prepare), we’re often dragged down by life, unable to regain control over whatever it is that is happening.  The Snowball of Negativity The same is true for parenting – when we parent without a plan, we can’t choose […]