8 Reasons that Prove You Are Not Failing (As A Mother) 

You are not failing (as a mother). The “feeling of failure” walks alongside us as parents. I don’t think there’s a single parent out there who hasn’t told themselves they’re failing at least once, and research shows that more than 50% feel like a failure for long periods during their active parenting.  “Feeling like a […]

The Truth About “MINE” – Sharing is NOT About Giving

Jacky & Raff and the Truth About “MINE” is among the favorite books I’ve authored.  We live in an isolated, lonely, online, past-pandemic society in which most of us have gotten used to being alone.  I hear of so many children out there who forgot how to socialize, or have difficulties in developing social skills, […]

Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES: Read Aloud

I had such an amazing time reading Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES with Dr. Joanette, and I’m sure your children will love it, too!  Jacky & Raff and the Language of YES is the perfect book for preschoolers and young readers to encourage positive thinking, positive communication, inclusion, and true friendships.  Did you […]

Fearless, Guiltless, Shameless – Parenting Beyond Coercion

The parenting sphere is overflowing with advice, most of it conflicting, so you go along with what the majority suggest, hope for the best and keep winging it. But when nothing changes, we soon realize that we cannot get a different result by continuing to repeat the same actions. Fear-less, Guilt-less, Shame-less – Parenting Beyond […]

5 Things NOT to Say to your Child

Saying the right thing to your children ALL THE TIME is impossible, but knowing what you shouldn’t say to your children in certain situations is key to building a long-lasting relationship that empowers the future without damaging the present.  As a Positive Parenting consultant and as a parent myself, I know firsthand how hard it […]

The Most Essential Life Skill to Teach Your Child TODAY

Human beings are born to be negative; this is just the way that it is. The human brain is meant to protect us; to do so, it must constantly look for danger. We believe we can only make things “right” if we focus on the “wrong.” We think we can only find the YES if […]