What to do When Your Children Hurt Your Feelings? 

Parenting is the most explosive relationship of all human relationships. The reason is simple – the mix of everything that we give, and the expectation of receiving, because, well… Isn’t a good relationship based on the balance of giving and receiving?  Here’s the thing, though, since parenting is a one-sided relationship for quite a few […]

What Positive Parents Won’t Buy (and why)

Perhaps I’m out of the market for these products, which is why I am not familiar with them, but when this one was shared with my group, I was pretty surprised.  I approved the post for one reason: I wanted to explain in detail why it is not a positive parenting product and should not […]

Knowledge is Power – Or is it Force?

If you’d take a moment to examine your harder parenting moments, you’d find that there’s a line connecting all – you were parenting from a place of judgment.  Sibling rivalry?   Child being aggressive?  Child misbehaving (taking action against your values)?  Child not listening?  Child not cooperating?  We judge all the above as BAD – when […]

How I Used Candy to Teach My 7-YO Relationship Balance

Balance is crucial in every relationship; it often goes unnoticed, especially in parenting, but we start developing unpleasant feelings when we feel taken from.  How Can you Balance Your Parenting?  You’re right – parenting is meant to be a one-sided relationship, and it remains such for many years. Lowering our expectations is vital, but we […]

8 Reasons that Prove You Are Not Failing (As A Mother) 

You are not failing (as a mother). The “feeling of failure” walks alongside us as parents. I don’t think there’s a single parent out there who hasn’t told themselves they’re failing at least once, and research shows that more than 50% feel like a failure for long periods during their active parenting.  “Feeling like a […]

The Truth About “MINE” – Sharing is NOT About Giving

Jacky & Raff and the Truth About “MINE” is among the favorite books I’ve authored.  We live in an isolated, lonely, online, past-pandemic society in which most of us have gotten used to being alone.  I hear of so many children out there who forgot how to socialize, or have difficulties in developing social skills, […]