Ten Books to Inspire Your Child to Change the World through Peace

    Welcome back to my second post in the series, How to raise a peaceful Child in a Violent World. I’m happy you’re here, and I hope that you and I can make this world a better place. In a world filled with endless possibilities, instilling a sense of compassion, empathy, and a desire […]

How to Raise a Peaceful Child in a Violent World

I don’t know where you are from, but where I come from, wars and violence are reigning in the region.  Racism, fascism, inequality, violence, disrespect, and wars are taking over the world again, and no one knows where, when and how this might end.  As war is raging around me, I started asking myself what is peace, […]

What to do When Your Children Hurt Your Feelings? 

Parenting is the most explosive relationship of all human relationships. The reason is simple – the mix of everything that we give, and the expectation of receiving, because, well… Isn’t a good relationship based on the balance of giving and receiving?  Here’s the thing, though, since parenting is a one-sided relationship for quite a few […]

What Positive Parents Won’t Buy (and why)

Perhaps I’m out of the market for these products, which is why I am not familiar with them, but when this one was shared with my group, I was pretty surprised.  I approved the post for one reason: I wanted to explain in detail why it is not a positive parenting product and should not […]

Knowledge is Power – Or is it Force?

If you’d take a moment to examine your harder parenting moments, you’d find that there’s a line connecting all – you were parenting from a place of judgment.  Sibling rivalry?   Child being aggressive?  Child misbehaving (taking action against your values)?  Child not listening?  Child not cooperating?  We judge all the above as BAD – when […]

How I Used Candy to Teach My 7-YO Relationship Balance

Balance is crucial in every relationship; it often goes unnoticed, especially in parenting, but we start developing unpleasant feelings when we feel taken from.  How Can you Balance Your Parenting?  You’re right – parenting is meant to be a one-sided relationship, and it remains such for many years. Lowering our expectations is vital, but we […]