The Rabbit Listened – an Amazing Book for the Young Compassionate Reader

The Rabbit Listened is an amazing book that teaches us the true power of compassion

Written for children but offering readers of all ages a very important lesson, The Rabbit Listened is an incredible book by Cori Doerrfeld. You know how everyone keeps on trying to fix everything that hurts, rather than just offer a hug and allow us to deal with the pain? This amazing book, upon its thoughtful wording […]

The Fourth Trimester – The First Opportunity for Attachment

The Fourth Trimester

The first four months of your baby’s life are called The Fourth Trimester for a reason – she was already born, but is still a fetus. During your baby’s fourth trimester, her physical systems are not yet fully functional; her digestive system is forced to digest for the very first time, causing gas, discomfort, and […]

On Autonomy and Happy Children

The Need for Autonomy

Numerous studies have shown that the main cause depriving people of happiness is the lack of autonomy, the ability to make their own choices. Here’s how autonomy (and the lack thereof) affects children (and adults). Restrictions on our autonomy are the root cause of the majority of our unpleasant feelings. Think about the feelings arising […]

Impulsive Behavior as Opportunity for Connection

Impulsive Behavior as an opportunity to connect. Each time they do something negative - they tell us they need us. Heres how mindful parents can help.

Feelings are messengers of met and unmet need. Unpleasant feelings, that are wake up calls for unmet needs, result in impulsive behaviors. Here’s how we can manage the behavior by addressing the unmet need it stems from. It happens (happened, and will happen) to all of us. We will ask for our little ones to […]

How to Help Your Child Adjust to Change

How to Help Your Child Adjust to Change

What does change mean for children? How do kids grasp change? And why do they react the way they react? And most importantly, what can you do to make it easier, and beneficial for their development?  Changes are a major part of our lives; some even say that change is the only constant. But some […]

Child Discipline: a Changed Perspective

Child Discipline a Changed Perspective

Control and dominance are ineffective strategies to child discipline because human beings are programmed to resist it with everything that they have.  “Discipline” is one of my favorite examples to the degree to which we stopped considering the words we use and their actual underlying meaning. Taken from Old Latin, the word discipline simply means […]