Step by Step: Exactly What I Do Instead of Yelling and Punishing My Kids

After my post last week, I received numerous emails and Facebook messages expressing curiosity about how I handle discipline with my children, as many noted that I don’t resort to punishment or raised voices, but I didn’t state what I do instead. You’re correct, and I appreciate your interest. In response, here’s another post addressing […]

Is Positive Parenting Becoming the Norm?

In the dynamic landscape of parenting philosophies, positive parenting has emerged as a compelling approach emphasizing mutual respect, open communication, and empathetic understanding between parents and children. As societal values evolve and awareness about the long-term impact of parenting styles grows, the question arises: Is positive parenting becoming the norm? I remember eight years ago […]

7 Life-Changing Practices for a Life of Unbreakable Connection With Your Children

In the fast-paced world of parenting, where demands and distractions seem to multiply daily, the concept of mindfulness is emerging as a beacon of hope for those seeking a more positive and connected approach. Most of us were brought up using practices of fear, guilt, and shame that still rule how we think and act, […]

The Best Mindfulness Toys for Kids

When my first was born, I was determined to keep my house clutter-free, control the toys he plays with and the books he reads, make sure we spare plastic and choose wood, and… then it didn’t work out.  Life got messy; grandparents were constantly buying, friends dropped by with more and more plastics, and you […]

10 Most Frequently Asked Positive Parenting Questions – and Their Answers

Parenting is a rewarding yet challenging journey, and many parents seek guidance on navigating the ups and downs of raising happy, well-adjusted children. In this article, I’ll address the ten most frequently asked positive parenting questions and provide thoughtful answers to support you on your parenting journey. Remember that no matter what happens, how hard […]