The Best Montessori Toys and Essentials for Holistic Child Development

As a devoted mother and passionate advocate of the Montessori method, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of the best Montessori toys in shaping the minds and hearts of my little ones and the many parents and children I’ve guided over the years.  Piloted by the philosophy of Maria Montessori, these toys and essentials are […]

How to Talk to Children about Death

A couple of years ago, when Ilay was about five, or maybe six, he met the concept of death for the first time. I can’t remember where or how, but he was terrified. The thought kept him awake in the evening and even woke him up at night. He feared us dying, and then he […]

10 Games to Promote SEL, Anger Management, and Communication Skills

As a positive parenting counselor I constantly stress the importance of playing games with children, because this is how children learn – through play. However, many games are so much more than games; they help us achieve what we, ourselves, struggle with, and they do so while having fun with our kiddos.  Isn’t this what […]

What to Say when Your Child Says they Hate Themselves

Addressing a child expressing self-hatred or discontent with their life is a delicate matter that requires sensitivity, empathy, and active listening.  Children’s feelings are always big, and so the words they use are big, too. They can’t assess the situation through a balanced view, so they choose the words that best symbolize what’s going on […]

Step by Step: Exactly What I Do Instead of Yelling and Punishing My Kids

After my post last week, I received numerous emails and Facebook messages expressing curiosity about how I handle discipline with my children, as many noted that I don’t resort to punishment or raised voices, but I didn’t state what I do instead. You’re correct, and I appreciate your interest. In response, here’s another post addressing […]

Is Positive Parenting Becoming the Norm?

In the dynamic landscape of parenting philosophies, positive parenting has emerged as a compelling approach emphasizing mutual respect, open communication, and empathetic understanding between parents and children. As societal values evolve and awareness about the long-term impact of parenting styles grows, the question arises: Is positive parenting becoming the norm? I remember eight years ago […]