Attachment Parenting – what is it Really About?

Attachment Parenting for All Ages

What is Attachment Parenting really about? Is it about co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and breastfeeding? It might be, but it might be not. Read further.

Attachment Parenting is about placing the relationship in the heart of everything we do, but moreover, it is about placing the relationship at the heart of everything we feel, think and say. More than just a parenting style, Attachment is a way of life that celebrates the beauty of parenting, the natural hierarchy between parents and children, a hierarchy of giving and receiving while expecting nothing but their happiness in return.

Who Took My Attachment?

Modernity is aiming to redefine infancy, toddler-hood, motherhood, and parenting to fit with society’s modern needs. Modern parenting focuses on discipline while neglecting the single and most important aspect of natural parenting – the bond of parents to a child. Modernity had abandoned Attachment, having forgotten that human beings are mammals; advanced, developed, literate, industrial, technological, but mammals nonetheless.

In nature, a lion cub will not survive the night unless sleeping in his mother’s embrace, feeding at will, warm and secure. In nature, all mammal parents know that their cubs’ needs are existential and must be met. Human parents, on the other hand, know all too well that their babies are spoiled for wanting them close, manipulative when looking for their love and develop bad habits when their needs are met. If you are reading this, you’ve heard these sentences too. You were encouraged to let your little one cry it out, learn how to self-soothe, and push her towards a miraculous independence she is nowhere able to gain. If you are still reading this, you listened to your heart and followed your maternal instincts telling you that your baby needs you, and decided to be there for her and meet her needs. Just like nature intended you to.

Attachment parenting - what is it about, who is it for, and what you will gain from practicing it with your children of all ages

How do You Practice Attachment Parenting?

Attachment Parenting is not only a parenting style but a way of life; it starts at infancy, but it never ends. Attachment Parenting is beyond co-sleeping and baby-wearing, it is relevant for everyone and at every age and the strategies building strong and secure attachments vary from one to another. Using my method to Attachment Parenting through Nonviolent Communication , we are able to raise our children without the cross-generational burden of fear, guilt, and shame, outside the social structure of good and bad, empower them and allow them the freedom to be as wonderful as they can be.

Attachment Parenting is about needs and feelings, about the source rather than the outcome. It is about who we are, rather who we seem to be. This is a journey to self discovery, the journey to self, the journey to happiness.  

What Will You Gain from Practicing Attachment Parenting?

You will gain the world. You will gain the respect to your children and family and will regain the power you’ve lost to the use of force. You will gain the understanding of why things happen the way they do, and what you can do to make things much, much better.

You will gain serenity, peace of mind, and the happiness that you deserve. It sounds like too much, I know. But it isn’t, as my method has proved successful.

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