About me

Hi you 🙂 

Just knowing that you’re here, reading my story, fills my heart with gratitude and joy. Thank you. 

My name is Viki. I am a mother to Ilay (8), Lia (4), and Emilia (4 months), and from the very first day there was something very different to the way I lived my life. 

When I found Marshall Rosenberg and Nonviolent Communication, I felt someone had given me the dictionary of my thoughts. I suddenly understood why I am different, and I chose to deepen my roots in empathy, acceptance, gratitude and Mindfulness. 

I am also a certified Positive Parenting counselor and as of 2022 – an author. 

My books don’t tell my story. They tell your story. And your children’s story; because we’re all made of the same things, we all seek unconditional love and acceptance, and NVC is the way to get there. 

Explore my books and find the ones that you need on your journey right now, and feel free to contact me. 

All my love, 


a mother to Ilay (7), and Lia (3); we live in Tel Aviv, Israel, and enjoy traveling, camping, swimming, and video games!


Viki’s Book Recommendations

Positive Parenting: Breaking the Cycle of Fear, Guilt, and Shame – Interactive Workbook Included

Fearless, Guiltless, Shameless - Parenting Beyond Coercion : The Complete Guide to Positive Parenting