10 Things Your Child Needs to Hear from You Every Day

Communication is everything—words matter, much more than anything else. What we say to our children shapes their brains, their hearts, and their souls, and determines who they grow up to be. 

Will they grow up being confident human beings, knowing their place in the world, knowing that their needs and feelings make a difference and that they have the full right to express themselves authentically? 

Will they grow up believing in themselves and their abilities, knowing that they have the power to change what doesn’t work for them? Knowing that they don’t have to stay in a place, a position, a relationship that doesn’t meet their needs? 

Will they grow up knowing that they have a place in this world, no matter “who” they are? 

Will they grow up accepting themselves upon their mistakes? Will they grow up loving themselves as they are

Will they grow up to love and accept all human beings, just as they do themselves? Will they learn to differentiate constructive love from destructive love? 

Will they grow up to become happy, fulfilled human beings? 

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It is all up to you and up to the way you’ll choose to communicate with your children.  

Most of us didn’t grow up hearing these words. We grew up learning that our needs and feelings don’t count, that our emotions are not acceptable. As a result, we learned that we are not enough; we internalized guilt and shame. We learned through fear

But now, we have the tools and the knowledge, as well as the awareness, to do things differently. We can parent from the heart. 

10 Things Your Child Needs to Hear From You Every Day 

Of all things I discussed in previous posts, about building trust (<–free eBook in this link), and unbreakable connections, about growing cooperation, and maintaining boundaries, these are the 10 things your child needs to hear from you every day: 

  1. I love you 
  2. I see you
  3. You matter 
  4. What you need matters 
  5. You are who you are, and that’s perfect 
  6. I trust you 
  7. I am proud of you 
  8. I am grateful for you 
  9. I believe in you 
  10. Don’t ever change

What Will You Choose? 

Will you choose to keep doing and saying what you know, or will you stand up and make a difference? Will you give your children what you never had growing up? 

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Hope to see you soon 🙂 


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