10 Affirmations for the Always Positive Parent 

When COVID just hit our lives, I wasn’t prepared. No one was. When we don’t (or can’t prepare), we’re often dragged down by life, unable to regain control over whatever it is that is happening. 

The Snowball of Negativity

The same is true for parenting – when we parent without a plan, we can’t choose awareness, and when we are not aware – we are easily triggered. And when we’re triggered without awareness, we lose control. 

It’s a snowball. 

Affirmations work. Reminders word. Sticky notes work - this is why people all over the world use them. Here are the 10 positive parenting affirmations that help me be the mother I want to be #positivieparenting #positiveparentingsolutions #positivecommunoication #gentleparenting #raisingtoddlers #parenting101 #parentingfromtheheart #mindfulness #mindfulparenting #tantrums #howtohandletantrums

We’re All Human

I am a positive parenting coach and a Mindfulness practitioner, and when COVID just hit our lives, I lost control over mine. My knowledge and experience didn’t stop me from falling. It was a snowball. The less control I had, the more triggered I was. The more triggered I was, the easier it was for negative thoughts to take over my mindset. With my mindset growing more negative, positive parenting became harder and harder.

Positive Parenting is a mindset; it's not something that you just do - it is a way of life that allows you to live in peace with what's not within your control. Read the 10 affirmations that will allow you access to peace of mind #positivieparenting #positiveparentingsolutions #positivecommunoication #gentleparenting #raisingtoddlers #parentinghelp #parenting101 #mustreadforparents #parentingfromtheheart #mindfulness #mindfulparenting #beingamom #positivemindset #positiveaffirmations #positiveparentingaffirmations #affirmationsformoms


Did you try Positive Parenting techniques that didn’t work? This is probably why. 


For me, seeing the light was made easy when I was in my darkest moment. I understood it was time for a change. Not only that, but I felt ready for that change. I felt empowered to emerge out of the dark hole I previously crawled into and reclaim the responsibility for myself, our relationships, and of course – my little loved ones. 

Loving Unpleasant Feelings

Last week, when we’ve all tested positive for COVID, I panicked. I imagined that black hole, the endless days at home, caged like animals. Unlimited snacks and endless screen-time. I took a breath. This time, I was equipped with a plan. 

The first thing I did was accept my unpleasant feelings and hug my panic. My panic is here to protect me from crawling into that dark hole again, and I love it for that. 

Then I made a decision – a wholehearted decision to show up as my best possible self at any given moment. 

10 Affirmations for the Always Positive Parent 

Today, when we finally reemerged, I took the time to dig deep and analyze the thoughts that allowed me to succeed. 

These 10 affirmations empowered me to show up as my best self, strengthen connections with my beautiful family, encourage them to strengthen theirs, and live in peace with what we can’t possibly control: 

  1. As long as my basic needs are met, I need nothing else. 
  2. Connection can be made at any given moment. 
  3. Nothing can prevent me from connecting as long as I don’t think it can. 
  4. Nothing is “bad” as long as I don’t think it is. 
  5. How I think of things determines how they show up in my life. 
  6. I have the power to choose peace at every moment. 
  7. I have the power to love unconditionally. 
  8. I have the power to choose empathy over judgment.
  9. I have the power to control myself and let go of the false idea of controlling others. 
  10. I have the power to reach agreements willingly; these are the agreements I can trust. 

Maintaining the Positive Life

Each affirmation holds the secrets to who you are and when you thrive. Each affirmation means something else for every individual. Unfolding these secrets makes life worth living. 

Who are you? 

What are your basic needs? 

What do your unpleasant feelings trying to teach you? 

What are they protecting you from? 

Sit with yourself, get to know who you are; then, you’d be able to start living and parenting by these affirmations, living and parenting prom your peaceful heart. 

And if you need help, I am here to hold your hand. Join my life and parenting support group on Facebook, or take a big leap of faith and join my membership group where all this magic happens. 

Hope to meet you soon 🙂 


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