Evolution is one wild ride… From high-tech to parent counseling, to writing children’s books, to writing MG books… Now I can say I have truly evolved, but only in the literary sense, because on the personal level I’m still a child.

With the publication of my first novel, in a series of five, written for the inner children within us, I feel comfortable referring to myself as a full-on author.

All sequels coming out soon! So much to wait for… 

Readers’ Favorite 2023
Book Awards Finalist!

Ozzy’s home life is full of cuddles, huggles and snuggles. Mom loves his prickly self and adores him unconditionally, but the real world is different. Out there, no one can imagine loving anyone so prickly.


The Language of YES

Soul: A Robot with Heart

Positive Parenting: Breaking the Cycle of Fear, Guilt, and Shame


Teach your child the language of YES and empower them to share feelings and emotions with this mindfulness bundle for preschoolers and young readers.


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